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May 17, 2008

Police extortionists in Balakong

malaysiatoday - [...] There were few of the workers who seemed to be very quiet; they sat by themselves and had their snacks. They were probably those who had failed to become university lecturers in their own countries for some reasons or other and had to come to Balakong to work in factories. They looked smart.

Balakong is probably the acronym of a Chinese-Indian of Bala Kong, if my guess is right. It is a place where there are many factories. And as I looked around, I could find new ones are being built. Times must be good for the factory owners of a host of things.

One could easily get all the parts one needs to construct a jetplane and if one is clever, one could even use all the parts that they make in the factories to assemble a nuclear bomb, except that he has to source for plutonium or uranium elsewhere.

I checked and found police patrol cars cruising the streets, mostly in the day. I thought, how could it be that bad, living and working in this place with so many police patrol cars surveiling this area; it must be safe.

But no; these police patrol cars are not here to look after the people and factories; they are here to extort the poor and hapless foodstall owners.

Imagine seeing patrol cars from Kajang and Semenyih coming over, and stopping by the side of the stalls and they get RM15 per trip.

I have been told that everyday three police patrol cars stop by each of the stalls, so they get RM45 per day - in extortion money.

And there are around ten to fifteen stalls here and each stall has to pay extortion money totalling RM1,350 per month which is more than what any police constable earns a month.

Often the policemen in the patrol cars also ate or took away food or drinks but without paying.
But, the problem is that most of the stalls are said to be illegally erected stalls, so that is why their owners are reluctant to lodge police reports.

Some of them had, but the police beat base in Taming had refused to take any action them. One had even lodged a police report with Bukit Aman and had been invited for an investigation and was told by the officer that the police patrol cars were straying. Yet, they did not do anything.... selanjutnya.


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