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May 4, 2008

Is SUHAKAM making fun of general public ?

A Letter Written to PakLah by One Of The Visitors Of My Blog
via misschickenkiller

Dear Paklah,

It is already more than 1 month since I have requested Sir to kindly look into my plight on 'SUHAKAM's humiliation' how I was ' badly, rudely, inhumanly .....' treated as a silly old GUINEA-PIG for its commissioners to try out its very 1st historic INQUIRY when I was called to KL, 500 km to-fro Ipoh on 24-7-00 and was PROMISED on the 31-7-00 by the then chairman who shooked my hand , " mr. chin, don't worry we will do our BEST to help you get JUSTICE ! "

Not only they didn't do anything for 7 long long months despite my numerous costly phone calls, reg. letters and emails , I was made miserably & anxiously waiting and the WORST was when I managed to call , trying again & again, the ARROGANT commissioner who , 'sleeping' on my issue was inconsiderate & rude :-

" ....who is a commissioner, you or I ....!?"
" ... send the particulars of ...( datuk, I have already sent long ago .) ! "
" Just send it ! "
" But Datuk ....."
" DO it as I said ! "

Swallowing my bitterness, I complied .

Then months & months later SUHAKAM took an easy course and told me ' it's not their jurisdiction to handle my case, NFA !! '

I have 'appealed & appealed' and SUHAKAM does not respond anymore !!

Paklah, please kindly take ACTIONS , thank you !

chinchinsiong (0125514546) ipoh.


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