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May 4, 2008

Vietnam is hungry - jeff oii

Terimakaseh momo ..... disini mari kita baca artikel Jeff Oii, tentang Vietnam dan kearah kemajuannya .. mungkin akan men....corotkan kedudukan Malaysia. (Corot=tempat terakhir)

Jeffoii - Everybody is saying Vietnam's economy is booming and may surpass Malaysia's in no time if we are not careful in planning ahead. You can't mess around with a country of over 85 million people, with over 60% of them clustered among the young and productive -- median age being 26.9 years.

PhuMyHung_0399.jpgEven India is now a strategic partner to Vietnam. It was announced recently that two-way trade between the two countries is expected to reach US$2 billion this year, two years ahead of goals set in the joint statement issued nearly one year ago when the strategic partnership was forged. Major categories of goods exported from Vietnam to India, which has been increasing at a steady 20% growth over the past few years with the trade balance in favour of India, include pepper, rubber, computer hardware and electronics products, cinnamon bark and spice, and garment and textile products.

In July 2007, India decided to invest US$527 million to set up a steel factory in Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, and a further US$600 million oil exploration and exploitation project. Besides, India's Tata Group has decided to pump in more than US$4 billion to set up two steel mills in Ha Tinh Province.

What's more, business registration processes had been expedited even in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai -- investment licenses can now be issued within six days! selanjutnya ....


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