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May 4, 2008

A needle in a haystack

Raja Petra Kamarudin

malaysiatoday - (...) Within minutes of Khir Toyo being told that his government had fallen, he rushed to his office and removed three lorry-load of files and documents. Yes, that is right. Three lorry-loads. And they were sent to a secret location that until today has remained undetected. It makes one wonder what is in those three lorry-load of files and how much secrets would now remain a secret. Certainly there would not be enough jails in Malaysia if all those files were to fall into the hands of the new powers-that-be in Selangor. Suharto and Marcos combined would appear tame in comparison if you were able to peep into those three lorry-load of documents that were quickly removed from the Menteri Besar’s office during the wee hours of 9 March 2008.

Files that could not be removed in time were shredded so that not a single trace of evidence of the previous government’s misdeeds would fall into the new government’s hands. For example, Selangor has the most expensive road in the entire world. For that amount of money per kilometre, you could probably build an undersea tunnel from West Malaysia to Sumatra. Selangor is also the state that has privatised its treatment plants where the amount of revenue earned for water is higher than that for oil. Malaysia is the second country after Saudi Arabia where a gallon of water is more profitable than a gallon of oil.

This sounds ridiculous does it not and Malaysia Today must certainly be exaggerating, yet again? Well, when the private company owned by the previous Menteri Besar has to pay Selangor State only RM2.4 million per year while the company can earn almost RM400 million per year, this is definitely no exaggeration. Even Petronas is not that profitable, gallon to gallon.

And this is for only one treatment plant, mind you. How many treatment plants all over Selangor have been privatised to this ‘Bumiputera’ company? And if you think this is terrible, wait till you hear the best part. The privatisation is for 30 years. Yes, that’s right, long after many of you reading this are already dead and buried, these crooks will still be earning money by scamming Selangor State.

Khir Toyo’s entire scam has been revealed in a book written by Mohamad Rafi Awang Kecik entitled ‘KHIR TOYO: antara amanah dan khianat’. But you may face a lot of problems trying to find this book in the market. Khir Toyo has bought up every copy he could get his hands on plus he got the police to arrest the poor chap who wrote the book. more...


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