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May 28, 2008

People want credible info, doesn't matter from where

malaysianinsider - [...] I find it odd that the government would want to try to "engage" bloggers in cyberspace and in the end to divert resources to this effect.

To accuse the lack of savvy on the government’s part to shape public opinion online is short sighted and will likely end up being counterproductive.

There are many reasons people would think why websites and blogs are getting more popular day by day.

News portals such as The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini try to provide alternative news or even angles that are not presented by the mainstream media.

Personal websites or blogs such as Screenshots and Malaysia-Today gained mythical status and its writers turned celebrities because many believed that that have been unfairly roughed up by the authorities.

Others are already superheroes or supervilains in their own right, so when Tun Mahathir, KJ, Chua Soi Lek or Umno’s Mike Tyson blogs, its followers will mainly either regurgitate praises or spew out rabid criticisms. Constructive comments and honest suggestions are usually far and few in between.

But a glaring theme that spreads over all the above reasons why the New Media is popular simply boils down to the fact that the rakyat is crying for alternative points of view and they wish for someone to react, respond or even just to lend an ear to their raving rants and complaints.

The rakyat is sick of one-sided news in the mainstream media and is sick of dissenting voices being muzzled by unnecessary snipping in self-censorship by editors... selanjutnya.


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