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Jun 29, 2008

Anwar sodomising again?…


Dear Fellow Malaysians

I am sadden by the news that Anwar aide’s, En Saiful Bahari has lodge a police report claiming that he was sodomized by Anwar. There was no details mention in the news about the alleged sodomy police report. It is indeed sad, if this allegation is found to be true. It is more sad if it is found to be untrue and is politically motivated

Why now !

While SMS is being spread and Anwar supporters has now begins to gather around him, it raises some questions on the issue of the latest police report. As if we are still not over the reeling of shock surrounding RPK SD over Najib’s wife involvement in the Althantuya case, the nation is now being fed with another story.

On the surface, it appears that, the allegation was made while Rosmah (Najib) issue is being talked about. With this new story, I believe the alleged Rosmah involvement in the Althantuya murder will be drown in the heaps of media “explosion” over the Anwar case.

I worries for the Nation..

While I am not surprised by the latest police report, I am worried about the impact of this latest police report. Allow me to explain why.

Pak Lah is not Mahathir..

While Mahathir is respected as being one of the intelligent leaders the world ever produces, he is a political maverick. He was able to handle Anwar case calmly and was able to bring the nation back on its track despite the financial crisis.

The same cannot be said about Pak Lah. Our present PM is indeed a nice man but being a nice man is not enough to lead a nation. I am worried that Anwar supporters will start a riot. Compared to before, today five states government are behind Anwar and this can only creates more problems. I am worried that the Government of the day may not be able to handle a nationwide riot. I am one very worried man. I am worried about the country, my family and my neighbors.... selanjutnya.


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