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Jun 29, 2008

Anwar's life under threat

malaysiainsider - [...] First, there was the devastating police report lodged by an aide who accused him of sodomy, the second time Anwar has faced such an allegation. Then, the breaking news by Dr Syed Husin Ali, party vice-president, who revealed that Anwar was not only facing a "political assassination" but a "physical assassination" as well.

"There is a great fear of change of administration by the government. So much is at stake, they must stop him at all cost so there is no change," said Dr Syed Husin at a press conference held at the Quality Hotel in Shah Alam this afternoon.

"Anwar has got solid proof, documents, since his trial in 1998 against two important government officers, i.e. the attorney general and Inspector General of Police, had manipulated evidence against Anwar.

"He had the documents more than two weeks ago but didn't want to disclose them in view of so many things happening now. He didn't want to water down their importance," he added.
However, when asked if Anwar had lodged a police report on the attempt against his life, the answer was in the negative.... selanjutnya.


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