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Jun 29, 2008

BN is Desperate. Anwar is Close to his Goal

malaysiawaves - "I believe on the ground, people are leaving UMNO in droves, especially in states where UMNO lost. Even where I live, my sources tell me that local UMNO are having problems trying to get their members to come to meetings and Annual Meetings at Branch and Division level.

So, a serious step is needed to prevent the exodus from bleeding UMNO more. And I expect the MSM will try to play down the issue, cause it’s only aimed for the consumption of UMNO members. Only UMNO members are stupid enough to believe that Anwar Ibrahim is a sodomizer. But I might be wrong."

A police report has recently been lodged against Anwar Ibrahim alledging him sodomizing one of his aide according the Malaysiakini report: Aide alleges sodomy: Report lodged..

To think that the power that be should realized that using the same trick again might not work especially when the same trick didn’t work the first time. I mean, being a Malay, it was difficult to find one Malay that actually believed Anwar is a sodomizer, the first time around. People who do believe in the story usually decides to keep their opinion to themselves. I mean for a man who has more than 8 children like Anwar, it’s kindda hard to convince people that he has a taste for anal sex.

To me this presents an opportunity for Anwar to rally the Malay ground. In 2008, the Chinese and Indians rallied behind Pakatan Rakyat, while Malays predominantly went to Barisan Nasional. If this story breaks out and Anwar is once again smeared all over the Main Stream Media (MSM), it may present an opportunity for PR to rally the Malays.... selanjutnya.


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