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Jun 29, 2008


mamanview - [...] I think now, the stakes is getting bigger and pressure is now back with the Malaysian government. I think at this juncture, whatever explanation or even excuses given by the BN government is going to be rubbished by many.

I think the present government is losing credibility in the eye of the general public. The internet media and blogs are swamped by many to get the latest information and it seems even the MSM are lowering their tones in reporting to avoid backlash from the general public.

I did some reading about the accuser, Shaiful Bukhari Azlan - a volunteer with PKR Anwar office. For the record he was the former Deputy President (1) Uniten Student Council. I believed that he drop out from study, and intended to go to flying school in Kota Bharu to trained as a pilot.... selanjutnya.


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