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Jun 29, 2008

Power of the Web

kosongcafe - [...] Just after 7am this morning, I logged on to check my email box and the first was from a friend, BH on Anwar being accused again for sodomy. Next, I visited my blog and read Malaysiakini's headline on it under Mycen news feed. Now that I have a blogroll, there are six bloggers posting on the same subject. I can imagine the huge number not on my list, writing away on this latest news. Text messages using mobile phones will be transmitted, with Maxis, Digi, and Celcom getting a boost in their earnings.

From the brief browsing of the comments by top bloggers like Rocky's Bru and Zorro, the general sentiments seem to suggest a sign of desperation by powers that be, abuse of power, or even lack of creativity since it was 10 years ago that Dr. Mahathir did the same. I can safely say that most people either disbelieve the accusation or would consider it such a small matter, more personal than national, when compared with the current issues of the day. Most people are wondering who is in charge now? I cannot help comparing the situation with the Taikos seen in Chinese movies, where even if the Taiko wanted to give up, the 'machais' are definitely not giving up their golden 'rice bowls'.... selanjutnya.


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