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Jun 6, 2008

Apa the F***!!!

Malaysians queuing up for the latest 'gift' from their government.

niamah - Did you join the queues and fill up your tank ah? That's the question I get asked most often the past 24 hours. Well, the answer is "No" I didn't queue up to fill up my car's fuel tank. Instead, I stayed home and thought about the fuel price increase and how it will affect the Malaysian people. While thinking about this I also thought...Eh? What la! After 50 years under this government we have come to this? How can? Okay 50 years with the Barisan Nasional playing our guardians and managers of our resources here's some of what we got...............

The Petronas Twin Towers
Proton cars
Coffee Bean
The Eye on Malaysia ferris wheel
KLIA International Airport... selanjutnya.


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