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Jun 2, 2008

Perak to reopen minlng land

sun2surf - [...] With prices of minerals in the world market reaching record levels, the Perak government has announced it is tapping the state's mineral resources by reopening mining land and issuing permits for the development of the mining industry.

"The state will issue licences and give permits to further open up the mining industry. The companies undertaking such projects must first ensure the quality of minerals is high and they can sustain the operation for a long period of time," said Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin

"The companies must also undertake their own exploration of minerals, which will take at four to six months, after which permits will be issued early next year."

The prices of tin, iron ore and gold have increased four-fold in the last four years, due to huge demand from countries like China and India which are now industrial giants.

For instance, the price of tin soared from US$4,900 (RM16,048) per tonne in 2003 to US$20,000 today, while iron ore which was traded at US$31 (RM105) in 2003 is now trading at US$130 (RM442) per tonne. The price of gold has risen from US$363 (RM1,234) to US894 (RM3,040) per ounce.

Mohammad Nizar said if there is an urgent need for additional licences and permits for limestone quarries, the government will review the situation.

However, such operators must do their own survey and must ensure the project goes on for at least 30 years and to ensure the safety of residents living nearby, he said.... selanjutnya.


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