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Jul 9, 2008

Bala case is a fixed!

iknowwhatuthink | ...PI Balasubramaniam case can create new story everyday. First he made statement the government had been covering up Altantunya's murdering case, the next he withdrew due to the first was made under threat. Followsuit is the whole family disappear into no where, and now from no where an 'oversea' source found Bala and his family was currently in a SEA country other than Malaysia!

Do you all really believe in all these shits? Are all the overseas policemen so hardworking in helping a small potato like Malaysia to find such unimportant person? Not even an FBI nor CIA can find someone outside their own country with such high efficient, let alone some unrelated country's police forces.

Comm'on all the B*** N***** MPs, stop fooling yourself and stop all these nonsense. We all know it's just a show put up by all the childish, naive and stupid MPs of yours to try confusing the public with all these shits. Before today I still have the thought whether this is a plot by BN government or Anwar Ibrahim himself? Is it a show put up by the former DPM to try make public into believing BN is a dirty government.

Now it's made even clearer that this is more a fixed show by BN rather than Anwar or PKR. I am more confident in saying this is all your stupid show, which people already knew the ending before it all begun. So all the involved personnel here are just fooling yourself and you are making yourself look stupid here now.... selanjutnya.


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