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Jul 9, 2008

That Is Enough

Sinchew | .......The rally went on smoothly, without water cannons in which could be seen in similar rallies in the past. Fortunately, the situation was still under control when a singer stripped his trousers and showed his boxer shorts, causing the audience hurling abuses and throwing bottles at him. The success of the rally relied on the cooperation from all, including the organiser's comprehensive planning, law-abiding public and the police force which was only responsible for maintaining order. As the aims have been achieved, the rally ended peacefully.

Of course, not all were optimistic about such rallies. Rumours about riots in Kuala Lumpur could be heard everywhere one day before the rally was held. But nothing happened and the situation was calm. However, even those who did not believe the rumours would not be optimistic about the development of the political arena.

How could they be optimistic as the rally organisers threatened that they would walk out from the stadium if the government keeps ignoring public opinions? This was certainly worsened the people's worry and I believe most people would think that it was quite impossible for the government to lower fuel prices. Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak described the rally as a failure because of the poor turnout. In other words, the confrontation between the ruling party and the Opposition would continue.

The rally had undoubtedly attracted support from many and of course, more people did not join it. But it does not mean that those who did not join did not concern about the price hikes. They were too upset by the political chaos in the past whole week. But they believed that accusing and pointing fingers at each other could not really help in resolving the problem. Despite they did not turn out at the rally, but their voices could be summarised as follow:

The 8 March general election results led to the check and balance between the ruling and the opposition parties. But three months after the elections, no progression could be seen and many old problems remain unsolved. To be honest, until today, the two major coalitions did not show any achievement. . selanjutnya.


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