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Jul 9, 2008

Clears Throat: Bloggers are liar!

ifiampaklah | ......

He said these attempts, undertaken through Internet blogs, YouTube and SMS, had blemished the principles of the Rukunegara such as loyalty to King and country, upholding the Constitution, the rule of law, good behaviour and morality.
A lot of the bloggers are merely sharing their opinion on the cyberspace about the news they get from the mainstream media. Most of them never suggest that it's the truth or lie, just their opinion about the news which affects them. On top of that some of them are straight out parody a good recent example: Ten Reasons Why Najib vs Anwar Is Like Dawn Yang vs Xiaxue (just wondering if it's already been shut down)

By now, everyone should be aware of the highly entertaining fued between Singapore's queens of controversies Dawn Yang and Xiaxue. Everyone should also be aware of the dramatic battle of one upmanship between our future prime minister Najib Razak, and our other future prime minister Anwar Ibrahim. I'm not sure if I'm the only person who notices this. But... don't you think the fight between Najib Razak and Anwar Ibrahim is so similar to the fight between Dawn Yang and Xiaxue? Here, let me explain... selanjutnya.


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