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Jul 26, 2008

BMC: "No violence used," says FRU.

[....] According to Fariz, it appeared that Chang’s foot was still on the accelerator pedal.

Fariz also denied that the FRU personnel together with plainclothes policemen had assaulted Chang. "I did not see it (the assault) and I believe there was no violence," he said, maintaining this stand throughout the entire inquiry session. He also explained that there was no order given to charge towards the car.

The inquiry panel members also asked Fariz if he had witnessed any FRU personnel being injured in the incident. The lance corporal replied that he was not aware of any injuries at that moment but had later accompanied the two personnel to file a police report and seek medical treatment at the Kajang Hospital.

The duo were identified as constable Mohd Azniey Ahmad Supian, who sustained injuries to his right thumb, and constable Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Rasid who was injured in the knee.

At this juncture, head of the Suhakam panel commissioner Zaiton Othman instructed to replay the 30-minute video clip evidence on the incident. She then asked Fariz to identify himself and to prove that the FRU personnel were hit by the car. Read more at maverickysm


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