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Jul 17, 2008

Pete and Bakri ... long time ago

It happened 7 years ago, and today Pete is going to meet his old friend ....

freeanwar | .....“An estimated 150 people started their May Day Peace Walk from Chow Kit at 10.00am towards the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC Twin Towers) for their gathering,” said SUARAM. “After walking for 1.5 km, they were confronted by a group of police officers who charged the crowd without warning or provocation.”

”Officer in Charge of Police District (OCPD) Dang Wangi, Bakri Zinin, led the attack, personally shoving and assaulting negotiators at the front. Many workers were hurt when police officers grabbed banners, clothes and leaflets.”

Bakri Zinin is a well-known Reformasi-hater. In March last year, Bakri Zinin arrested the Director of the Free Anwar Campaign, Raja Petra, together with his wife, Marina, in a candlelight vigil. The following day, the police raided Raja Petra’s house and confiscated his personal computer and the “evidence” obtained from this computer resulted in Raja Petra’s arrest a month later under the Internal Security Act.

Raja Petra’s March 2001 arrest was most interesting to say the least.

Initially, the police had arrested Marina and another seven people that included an old lady who was limping due to a knee injury and could not run away when commanded to do so. She was arrested for “disobeying the order to disperse quickly”. Marina, who was propping her up when it appeared she was going to collapse, was also arrested for not dispersing fast enough.

Raja Petra then followed the two unfortunate ladies into the police station. A few minutes later, Bakri walked in, saw Raja Petra, and charged towards him. Bakri gave Raja Petra a karate chop that sent him reeling. Why Bakri attacked Raja Petra is not known to this very day.

Raja Petra immediately got up to face his assailant but was surrounded by about seven police officers. Marina, who was more worried that Raja Petra may beat up the OCPD than the other way around, held him back and begged him to sit down again.

Raja Petra stood there pointing his finger at Bakri and shouted, “I will never forget you. I will always remember this incident.”

Bakri went into a rage and tried to attack Raja Petra again but the other police officers held him back. “I am the OCPD here!” Bakri shouted.

“So what?” shouted Raja Petra in reply. “That still does not give you the right to attack me.” The police officers quickly shoved Bakri out the door before the shouting match could turn to bloodshed.

Bakri then told one of the police officers to arrest and handcuff Raja Petra. When asked what the charge was, the police officer said, “We will think of something later.” Raja Petra was made to sit the rest of the night with his hands uncomfortably handcuffed behind his back.... selanjutnya.


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