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Jul 17, 2008

Stocks weaken further, radar & focus on Anwar’s arrest

stocktube | Local stock market sentiment was crushed over the arrest of de facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, less than 15 hours after he appeared live on television in a debate with Information Minister. The turnover or transaction volume traded plunged to 315 million shares from 395 million yesterday. The ING Investor Dashboard Survey reported that Malaysian investor sentiment registera 82 per cent drop, the second largest dip after Thailand.

Gosh! It appears the journalists could forget about taking leave if the current trend of explosive news were to continue till the year-end. Let’s get one thing straight, I do not think Anwar is Gandhi and it would be too insulting to even compare both of them. The fact remains that Malaysian’s politic is one of the dirtiest the world ever seen. It has come to a stage whereby you simply can’t differentiate between the sheep and the fox. But people need to make a choice because your life, your children’s future or even your career depends very much on it, whether you like it or not.... selanjutnya.


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