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Jul 17, 2008

Anwar's Arrest: Hidden Hand Rocking The Cradle?

melvinmah | ...It was shocking to hear that Anwar Ibrahim was taken away (read: arrest) from the house with one hour before the deadline given by the police in which he was required to provide his statement over his sodomy case. I believed he was trying to proof to them that he is keeping his word but arrested before his deadline is contradicting the agreement that he agreed upon with the police, esp. DSP Jude Pereira. But the police had something otherwise.

There was something amiss in the rules of engagement with their intention of getting statements from suspected persons although Bakri Zinin refuted that they were following guidelines. They could have called him and remind him to come, in case he has forgotten or something. The top brass has something to answer really of the rationale of the decision. In the past few days, the government is in paranoia mode. And, in Malay politics, you need to choose your allies carefully for trust is something that kills a person, especially if you are a high ranking politician.

Note: Bakri Zinin was responsible in 2001 for assaulting Pete and Marina in detention.... selanjutnya.


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