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Jul 12, 2008

Police questions lawyer for Bala’s nephew

Sloone | Why is the police always going after the wrong man?

In their bid to nail PI Balasubaramaniam, who made a stunning statutory declaration last week, and retracted it 24 hours later, only to go missing to “one of the ASEAN countries”, the police now wants to question his nephew’s lawyer N Surendran (image).

Surendran, who helped Kumarasen lodge a police report on his missing uncle, is required to report at the multimedia and cyber crime investigation unit, at 3pm on Saturday, says the Malaysian Anti-Death Penalty and Torture network (MADPET, where Surendran is a member).

What is the justification for questioning Surendran? He is merely the lawyer for the nephew who was worried about the safety of his uncle, especially an uncle who had made revelations, that might bring down the number 2 top leader of the country. That leader happens to be slated now to take over the country’s premiership in 2010 (or so it seems).

Bala’s case is now being classified under section 199 of Penal Code (False statement made in any declaration which is by law receivable evidence).... selanjutnya.


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