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Jul 12, 2008

Rally on Monday?

All roads leading to Parliament to be blocked on Monday

Star | ...City police chief Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman said as of Saturday the police had yet to receive any official application for a permit from any party on the rally.

However to avoid any untoward incidents, the police have set up 12 road blocks on several major roads within all four districts in the city staring 2pm Saturday.

Muhammad Sabtu said about 15 policemen are stationed at each location.

In addition, all roads leading to Parliament will be totally blocked to road users from 7am Monday.

“Only those working in Parliament and with valid passes or Members of Parliament are allowed access to the area,” he said Saturday.... selanjutnya.
and read this also ....
jdmrombungaraya | .... It is also understood that no permit was issued although Nurul Izzah argued that she had already informed the police of the gathering.

Undeterred, the organisers moved the venue to a multipurpose hall in Section 5 here where Nurul Izzah arrived at 10.30pm to a crowd of over 500.

She told reporters later that she personally had no confrontation with the police but her car could not access the planned venue due to police roadblocks. She also denied the rumour that her gathering’s organisers in Pantai Dalam were arrested by the police. Seterusnya....


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