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Jul 7, 2008

Still racist statements for BN reps

malaysiakini | .... Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman’s remark that non-Malays in the country are ‘immigrants ‘is uncalled for.

It is obvious that the Barisan Nasional government has not learnt from the mistakes it had allowed in the past.

Much of the political tsunami that we have seen in the last general elections can be attributed to comments made by certain politicians which hurt the feelings of the other races.

If this trend is allowed to continue, it will create further damage to the reputation of the Barisan government.

Only one of them has been forthcoming in confessing his mistake.

In a country where we talk so much about racial harmony, I find it amusing for Tajuddin and others in the past to be allowed to make comments like this and getting away with their statements made in public.

Najib Razak, as the BN whip, should have immediately reprimanded yet another BN member of parliament for making such racial sentiments.

He should have done this the moment it was mentioned in parliament, instead of allowing the public to express their discontent over the subject.... selanjutnya.


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