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Jul 7, 2008

Extremist organisations @ Sunday’s rally?

Sloone | Wei. Bernama acts as if its reporters does not suffer the fuel hike at all. Macam mana ni?

And at 3.21am (Malaysian time), Bernama state news (central region) reports that the Sunday rally on fuel hike had a very poor turn out. Go on spinning, yeah!

It also reported that Opposition leaders failed to influence the people at large to protest against the government.

And so on, and on, the yarn spins…(Bernama).

Earlier, I said: Hello, Bernama!

It’s nice to know you have covered Sunday’s fuel hike rally at Kelana Jaya. But there are a few confusing statements in your report. Would you care to clarify?

We’d like to know who are those “extremist organisations” who attended the fuel hike rally in Kelana Jaya yesterday?

I wonder why you singled out the Hindu Rights Action Group (HINDRAF).... selanjutnya.


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