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Jul 7, 2008

Rockers rile crowd at rally

malaysianinsider | The "one-million-people-protest" against rising oil prices held at the Kelana Jaya Stadium here quickly degenerated into chaos as a distressed audience "protested" against the rock performance of a live band.

The live band which took to the stage at about 6.40pm to provide entertainment as prelude to the main event of the night was quickly and loudly booed by the growing audience who disagreed with their taste in music.

"Oi! Cukuplah!" cried one distressed youth in the stands across the stage.

But the band played on, causing those closest to the stage to rise up in a huff. Those with families made their way to the side exits. But others, enraged, started throwing mineral water bottles at the band and were in the midst of leaping on stage when several security personnel entered the scene to escort the "musicians" out.

Despite calls for calm and patience from Dr Hatta Ramli, the organising chairman, several members of the audience managed to rain blows on the performers.

It was not immediately clear why the audience was unhappy with the band. However, the story emerged that the band had been performing a number titled "Liwat" which contained rather unsavoury lyrics. The last straw was when the lead singer, turned around and pulled down his pants to expose his underwear.

Finally, one of the organisers of the event went on stage to publicly apologise.

"I am sorry," he said repeatedly, before adding tearfully that he did not understand why the crowd was behaving so uncivilly against his "anak buah" who were part of the entertainment and had come to show support for the protest.... selanjutnya.


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