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Jul 2, 2008

“Zapped” by Special Branch


audie61 - Ring Ring..My handphones being tapped says a personal assistant to a Minister. Its the usual answer. Talk to you later through the office phone. Why….? BN Parliamentarians and also Presidents of various political parties are closely watched on their movements and travel plans. Its gets tastier now that Opposition leader Dr.Azizah said the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is confident it can oust BN government by September 16 or Malaysia Day.

Tony Thien, Sarawak/Sabah correspondent for Malaysiakini writes that Parliamentarians are being closely monitored by the Special Branch. Read his full report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85472 .

Todays local news featured two high profiled Sarawak MPs both of whom were always on the radar and never out of it. ”We’re always been BN men and would never cross to over to Pakatan Rakyat.” These two long serving Bidayuh MPs Dr.Tiki (SPDP) and Richard Riot (SUPP) were also widely speculated to be dissatisfied with BN. In Anwars list it is speculated to have the names of (3) three Sarawak MPs according to a source.... selanjutnya.


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