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Dec 29, 2007

i hate malaysian politics

Friday, December 28, 2007

Come on!!!!!!!.The deputy prime minister, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,[seriously i hate this guy] impliedly says the mentri besar of Pahang, Dato' Seri Adnan Yaakob,[don't know where he came from maybe kerajaan langit...heheheheh]

was right to make obscene gestures and wriggle his buttocks at the opposition -- one which would land us in court if we did what he did. The poor man, don't you understand, you idiots, was provoked. "So, I was not surprised that he had reacted in the manner he did," he said. What was this grave provocation? Let Dato' Seri Adnan tell you: "They shouted nasty remarks like "hancur Barisan" and "mampus Barisan" (destruction and death to Barisan (National Front). The people must understand, he intoned piously, any statements such as these is "sudden and grave provocation". Besides, he went "in and out of the nomination centre about four times to ensure the situation was under control and that all National Front had enough drinking water".

Further more, the PAS crowd called him a "samseng" (gangster) -- a pardonable assumption since only five months ago, he beat up a PAS supporter at the nomination centre in Bentong in the runup to the General Elections. (But this is not what happened: the crowd, not just PAS supporters, called him "bodoh" (stupid), "samgseng", and worse.") Be that as it may, he still behaved as the honourable mentri besar of Pahang should not. Dato' Seri Abdullah, on the other hand, sees this incident as proof of the opposition's freedom of action. They could load photographs -- taken, as the New Straits Times proudly tells you to divert attention away from it, by "unknown photographers" -- on to the Internet. The photograph can be seen on http://www.harakahdaily.com. Videotapes and blownup photographs of the incident are regularly shown by the PAs campaign. "They should realise they have the freedom in this by-election to conduct their campaigns. They cannot turn around and say the election is not free and fair," he added.

Ah, now we know! The Sanggang byelections is fair because the opposition can upload photographs of the incident on to the Internet. This no doubt is why the mentri besar of Pahang intends to download these photographs to explain to the people of Sanggang why he behaved as execrably as he did. But if indeed the byelections is free as he says it is -- as no doubt he would of the general elections was and, no doubt, the UMNO divisional elections -- why does he have to repeat it at every possible moment? What has the uploading of photographs on to the Internet got to do with campaign freedom? Or is the deputy prime minister telling us, as the Prime Minister is quick to deny, there is censorship of Internet? And that the government has decided, on this occasion, to allow it. But, the speed with which the National Front reacted to Dato' Seri Adnan's provocation does indicate its nervousness at the incident.

However one looks at it, the National Front must be returned in Sanggang which Dato' Abdullah Kia held until he died last month for UMNO's continued health. So, it pulls no stops in the name of a free and fair election. The federal information ministry rushed 70 information officers to keep mosques and suraus untainted by PAS "and to safeguard the integrity of Islam", working no doubt on UMNO's belief of PAS as un-Islamic. But UMNO itself makes no mention of countering the officially termed PAS lies.

The Pahang information director-general, Dato' Zainal Abidin Kadir, says UMNO regarded the by-election as "very important". PAS clearly does not understand this importance: the PAS candidate, the suave lawyer and former National Front MP, Dato' Hishamuddin Yahya, raises local issues in the polls, like the distribution of Felcra shares only to those known to UMNO. This is nothing new. After all, state governments withdraw deposits from banks and cancels professional services from those whose staff is perceived to have campaigned for the opposition. The national agenda is, it would seem, to divide the country into those who support the UMNO leadership and those who do not.



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