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Dec 29, 2007

Wooo....everybody being marginalized?

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I received this e-mail yesterday. It was hilarious but at the same time soooo true. Nevermind the english but the message was clearly stated. For those who think that the message may be racist, you need to go get your head examined.


Indian was not the only one being marginalize in Malaysia. The Chinese, Kadazan, Iban, Malanau,Orang Asli and even The Malay themselves were being marginalize by UMNO/BN. I'm aChinese yet what I going to said is not a racist stuff yet something which how we Chinese manage to survive.

If you think that the government is helping us, you are dead wrong. Why is our Chinese primary school is so big and some of them were even bigger then the Sekolah Kebangsaan? It was from our donation money. We work like mad to get those money. The government nor the MCA didn't even give us a penny on it. We work like mad to built those school and make them bigger because we believe that good education will bring future to our children. We even hire good teachers from China to teach our student where as the school is paying them (donation money), NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

When our children want to further their studies, do you think UM, UPM or MARA will accept us? Hell not with their stupid quota!! So what do we do? Again we work like mad,borrow money from bank and some even dare to borrow from Ah Long to send our children on board to further their studies. Some might asked why you want to waste those money sending your kids outstation? If you look at the recent world ranking about our local university, you will know why we Chinese send our children away.

You think the Government is sincere in running those local university? Lol, the ranking and the current unemployment rate show a good example of those so call UMNO's University. Back to basic, where do we find the money? Work from the bottom, don't complaint much, be hardworking, and keep in your mind that the government and MCA DID NOT HELP US IN SETTING UP OUR CAREER. We have to learn them ourself, we are not born to be a business man. We are just like everyone, we are NOT special.

People keep complaining that we Chinese is damn rich but do we steal from you? Do we force you to buy our products? Do we force you to make business with us? No cause we do it sincerely and we earn those money with our own hand. So what is the moral of this story? 3 main point!EDUCATION is damn important! Even you have no money to eat, you MUST make sure your children go to school!! Education is their future,you screw them up and your child future is gone! UNITY! Even you see we Chinese support different parties like MCA, Gerakan or DAP, we are united under 1 topic, EDUCATION!

When ever UMNO try to disturb our Primary School, we will stand unite to fight for it even tough we are from different parties! This is why they fail to touch our school even they have try for so many years!And last one is ATTITUDE!! No money to eat? If you have money to smoke, drink 'Samsu' for gambling, you still dare to said you don't have money to eat?? Change your attitude first before you complain about your life. Salary too low? Go get other jobs. There are lots of jobs out there looking for people at school leaver like McDonalds, KFC, stores at shopping complex and many more. Too old for those kind of jobs? Then I really got nothing else to said since you don't have to guts to chance your destiny.Life still MUST GO on even you have been marginalize. We Chinese have learn from it. We teach all our childrenthat the government won't help us, work, money and education future (good career). No work no money and no education no future. A simple yet powerful thoughts that keep we Chinese moving in this country.

No2umnO - So....everybody being marginalized by the government. If Chinese are also being marginalized then why all of you vote BN?


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