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Dec 29, 2007

Media Thinks We're Stupid


via mark13383.multiply.com

Here's why. For all those who reads the daily papers, we all know about the recent murder of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto. It was stated in the papers (in the beginning) that she was shot twice before the assailant blew himself up (which we all know is to make sure she died). However, this very morning I read the papers and something VERY VERY INTERESTING caught my attention on the murder case.

- Pak Lah shocked by killing
- Pakistanis in Msia stunned
- 32 killed in rioting, says official
- Shoot on sight orders issued to cops
- Al-Qaeda said to be behind murder
- Investigators rebuild mangled head
- PM says no change in schedule for Jan 8 elections.

From this list written in the papers, I can already say that the media thinks we're stupid!! Why? Look carefully and read again. Pak Lah shocked by killing, well aren't we all? So no sursprise there. Pakistanis stunned, if I'm one of them I would be too, so nothing special. 32 killed in rioting, is just an official report of what happened. Shoot on sight orders to cops, I have NO IDEA what's that suppose to mean. But.. check out the next one... Al-Qaeda said to be behind murder.. WHAT A DUMBASS STATEMENT!!! Come on!!! PEOPLE OF THE MEDIA AND WHOEVER SAID THAT BULLSHIT, WE'RE NOT IDIOTS!! I'm not a pro Al-Qaeda or a supporter, in fact I'd want them all caught like every other person. However, putting the blame on them is really something I don't think that Al-Qaeda would even be interested in - BECAUSE THEY GAIN NOTHING!!!

Why am I saying this? Because, if you put pieces together and logic the whole situation. The FIRST reason why they are blaming Al-Qaeda is because whoever said that is trying to protect the person who's really behind the whole thing by diverting the publics attention to Al-Qaeda. DO YOU THINK WE'RE THAT STUPID?!! LIKE WTF? In my opinion, this is something someone would do because they are afraid that she will win the elections. And the FIRST person that comes to mind is the person who said it is the current minister. Go figure!!

If anyone out there besides those listed in my multiply account is reading this, go think about it and see if what I say is true and logical. The public has spoken!!

:: The media is there to give us half truth and all lies ::


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