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Dec 16, 2007

Proof that Abdullah Badawi rewards Drug Traffickers from MCA

via: bytemuncher.
If you've been around long enough online for as far back as 2003, you probably would've heard about MCA's organised crime scandals and triad links. First, I present to you this article from Malaysiakini:


MCA Kampar secretary arrested for alleged drug trafficking

Beh Lih Yi
8:16pm Mon May 12th, 2003

MCA Kampar division chief Dr Chong Fah confirmed today that his division secretary, Wong Lee Wah, is the individual reported to have been arrested for alleged involvement in a multi-million Ecstasy trafficking syndicate in Australia.

He told malaysiakini that rumours about Wong’s arrest have been circulating since last week and that top party leaders have expressed concern over the matter.

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