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Jan 18, 2008

Bolehland is so Bollocksed


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Ng Eng Kiat, 18 January 2008

We know our country is pretty screwed up when a former Prime Minister tells us he does not normally explain the reasons behind his decisions.

We also know he will never take the polygraph when he says he forgot most of everything.

We remember him complaining about mainstream news being dominated by government propagandists. And we know he still reads Malaysiakini though he now claims to be a fan of state television.

We know because we watched the video clip recording of images of a person purported to be an advocate and solicitor speaking on the telephone on matters regarding the appointment of judges. Oh, we know Mahathir has seen it many, many times, too.

We also know it’s VK Lingam in the clip. And we have Loh Gwo Burne to thank. We saw a senior digital computer forensic analyst say it’s real, so evidently there is no CGI, and definitely not someone who looks and sounds like poor Lingam because it is plain him.

We heard him mention Tengku Adnan’s “valuable” name a priceless eleven times. We don’t think he’s drunk.

And if Lingam had too many a drink that night, we think he would have said he himself is the de-facto Prime Minister of Malaysia.

We doubt he’s mad, too. Okay, he claims his estranged brother is insane, but hereditary madness isn’t conclusively proven. We think Mahathir would be crazy to employ as counsel a Hospital Bahagia candidate. Perhaps, madness is a construct more than anything.

We know Lingam isn’t the average Malaysian, and we wished he was really mad, too. Yet we noticed the paranormal powers of prediction (assuming he is really mad) he possesses, enabling him to make such accurate guarantees to the Ahmad Fairuz he was talking to.

We understand how appointment of judges in Malaysia works. The Prime Minister has sole discretion on the matter. And we know you, dear Tun Dr Mahathir, aren’t answerable to commoners like us.

So let me, within extremely limited guesswork, try to predict how this inquiry will end. Because it’s the Prime Minister’s job, the appointment of Ahmad Fairuz is only an exercise of his prerogative powers. He takes advice from confidants, but this isn’t enough to prove intention on his part to fix an appointment for personal interest. Bollocks.

With practically everybody else claiming not to have known VK Lingam, coupled with the “fixed” commission not wanting to subpoena more witnesses, and not to forget the ACA’s incompetency in doing simple homework like tracing phone numbers, there won’t be enough evidence to link them to the plot. Bollocks.

But what about Lingam? He knows people like Tengku Adnan and Vincent Tan are in the same cooking pot as him. I reckon he did not fancy being called mad or drunk. But is that enough motivation for him to spill the beans? I don’t think so, and I don’t think he’ll be drawn into the Official Secrets debate either. So, what is the plan? He’ll have a tough time answering questions from so many lawyers when he makes his appearance in the inquiry. We’re anticipating that day.

Till then, if you still don’t see the crimes committed by the very people who promise you clean governance then I would suggest you forget like Mahathir forgets. But if you feel as I feel, let us make them never forget what democracy means to commoners like you and I. Democracy starts from our participation and not from top-down direction. I will vote for change.


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