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Jan 18, 2008

A drunkard never hides the truth


We are all mature and old enough to know a simple fact of life - a drunkard never tells lies,he speaks the truth,the absolute truth.He does not need to take an oath to tell the truth as many who do so,in reality never speak the truth.

If Lingam was "drunk" there is more reason to believe he is speaking the truth,nothing but the truth.If so why need Royal Commission?

Dr.Chris Anthony

Adnan: Lingam either mad or drunk

Chua Sue-Ann Malaysiakini Jan 17, 08 4:35pm

Senior lawyer VK Lingam must have been "mad or drunk", said Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor in denying any involvement in the appointment of judges as suggested in the VK Lingam tape.

Tengku Adnan was the 10th witness appearing before the royal commission tasked with probing the controversial video exposed by opposition party PKR last September.

In the grainy 14-minute clip, recorded in late 2001, Lingam had mentioned Tengku Adnan’s name 11 times. more...


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