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Jan 18, 2008

It's Zarina An-Julie! (Anak Puntianak)

Surat dari MStar

I would like to bring to your attention of half-naked pictures of Zarina An-Julie which have been circulating in the Internet these recent weeks. There were two e-mails, one set consists of pictures of her and her friends in clubs.

Second, is a set of obscene pictures in which Zarina An Julie claimed as super-imposed. But we, forummers of http://www.cari.com.my have spent our time discussing and from the information we gathered, it is safe for us to say the pictures weren't at all--super-imposed--as she claimed.

We are very sure it is the original pictures of her, capturing her breasts using digital camera with an anonymous guy.

She said the pictures were super-imposed by people who are jealous of her career, but there were many pictures altogether but these pictures however show to us that Zarina An-Julie has a mole at her left arm, and they do not contradict with the previous pictures, the set that shows her clubbing with her friends.

Furthermore, it is not logical that the second set were superimposed as the pixels were flawless--too perfect--the head and the body part were of the same hue, tone, brightness and contrast that it only makes perfect sense the pictures are real.

And if they were superimposed, it is impossible to match different head angle with body part images flawlessly. It is not possible that some other people have pictures of her head that happen to fit just so nicely and perfectly with the bare body parts.

We are calling for a ban on this actress for:

1) Taking obscene pictures
2) Claiming them as super-imposed when they're not

Other people who have done similar deeds have had their share of punishment. Take Zarina Zainuddin as reference and Wan Nur Azlin. Faizal Tahir was lambasted severely for taking off his shirt in national television.

Even Vanessa Hudgens have been punished by Disney for taking nude pictures of herself and clumsily had them leaked.

What Zarina did is a lot worse. Zarina An Julie does not sincerely show any remorse and we therefore hope this story will be publicized.

Thank You.


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