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Jan 18, 2008

Trojan Horses in the opposition ranks


PKR, of course, is not spared this same problem either. Take the case of Nallakarupan. He was almost allowed to contest the recent Ijok by-election. At the eleventh hour he was dropped in favour of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. No doubt, many thought that an Indian should have contested that seat and the fact that the Indian was sidelined in favour of a Malay attracted allegations of racial discrimination. But Nallakarupan is a known pimp who procures women for the rich and powerful, in particular rich and powerful politicians who walk in the corridors of power. And he is an Umno Trojan Horse. Dropping him was probably the best decision Anwar Ibrahim has ever made in four years.

Nallakarupan now has his own 'Indian' party that is backed by no less than Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Rosmah would be best advised to limit contacts between Nallakarupan and her husband lest she wants to see some Bollywood bombshells land on her doorstep. It is no secret that Nallakarupan was almost sent to the gallows ten years ago if not for the fact that he has a fat bank account and was able to pay all and sundry a total of RM100 million to be allowed to walk free. But RM100 million is a fraction of the money he has stashed away in Singapore and staying alive to enjoy the balance of your money is a better proposition than being hanged by the neck until you die.

Barisan Nasional is in trouble. Umno is being torn apart by internal bickering. MCA too is, yet again, going to be split into two. The Team A and Team B factions that ripped MCA apart awhile back has now become Team A, Team B and Team C. And the Chua Soi Lek pornographic DVD controversy has not ended the political career of the one-time Minister of Health. Instead, it has just made him more determined to oust the MCA leadership and he has embarked on an aggressive nationwide campaign to take over the leadership of the party -- which will happen later this year and thereby place him in a strategic position to succeed the Presidency in 2012.

The MIC veterans of the pre-Samy Vellu days have got together and are accumulating 100,000 signatures to prove that the Indians no longer support the MIC leadership. MIC Youth has been ordered to embark on a nationwide road-show to regain Indian support. At the meeting with MIC members in Kulim on 6 January, 2,000 angry Indians booed the MIC Youth leader and pelted him with eggs. The police had to be brought in to restore order and prevent what was going to become a riot if left to its own devices.

The Indians have made it very clear they no longer support MIC. Abdullah Badawi agreed to meet the Indians to listen to their grievances but he wanted Samy Vellu in attendance. Samy Vellu is the problem. The problem can never be the solution. The Indians realise they do not have the sympathetic ear of the Prime Minister and the only way they are going to get justice would be to take matters into their own hands. MIC or the Prime Minister are not going to help them. They have to help themselves. More...


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