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Jan 18, 2008

Malaysia After 2008 Election


My prediction on future of malaysian, especially Indian after 2008 General Election.. are...

1. BN will rule the country, but their majority will drop tramendously...

2. Sammy Vellu will either step down or loss in the election. (All of hoping for this)

3. Oil price, Toll price will be increased..

4. Khairy Jamaluddin will be holding a post in the govenment, preferebly a deputy minister.

5. Pak Lah...will still be the Premier of Malaysia..

6. Malaysian Indian will understand the meaning of unit between them and the advantage

This would lead to a business opportunity between Indians and cooperation which lead us to
a different level.

7. All five Hindraf member would be freed from ISA detention center, as there are no more treat to the government.

8. Wytha Moorthy would return to Malaysia.

9. India would stop buying palm oil from Malaysia, this would be a counter action to malaysia Umno Minister's sarcastic action.

10. Kelantan and Terangganu will be under control of PAS.

11. Penang will be controlled by DAP.

11. The most important, all Malaysian Indian would understand democracy and their right and right to question a elected MP, even a prime minister.

Let us all (Malaysian) cast our vote, as sign of democracy and reject, lies, Incompetent leaders, and show the power of Makkal Sakthy (People's Power)


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