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Feb 26, 2008

DBKL on rampage....


Teresa Kok the Seputeh DAP candidate for the 2008 GE was furious when she discovered that her elections publicity materials that hung at the flyover of Kuchai Lama was unfairly and unjustly being taken down by DBKL.

Apparently,the reason given by DBKL was because the Datuk Bandar and her BN opponent in Seputeh constituency wanted to officiate the opening of the flyover. They wanted to tell the Seputeh constituents that this is "SATU LAGI PROJEK BARISAN NASIONAL".

Teresa Kok in her blog question, if those publicity materials are from the Barisan Nasional candidate, will DBKL ask them to take down? Another question is, why didn’t DBKL choose to invite her opponent Carol Chew and not her while both of them are the candidates of Seputeh Parliamentary seat in this general election?

She further mentioned how ridiculous it was that the flyover has been completed by DBKL for more than a month, but DBKL refused to open it for the public. DBKL mentioned they have to wait for Datuk Bandar and the BN big shots to officiate the flyover before it can be opened to the public. What angered her was that the invitation was not extended to her even though she have assisted DBKL one way or the other.

Probably the Datuk Bandar and DBKL thinks that the money used for building this flyover was footed by UMNO/BN and that got to be an all UMNO/BN affair. Btw what will the toll fare be?

Another manifestation of UMNO/BN haughtiness.....

On another note a website "Letters to the Prime Minister' was set up by six special interest groups to allow Malaysians to express their hopes, dreams, opinions and suggestions to the prime minister in view of the coming 12th general election.

Btw. Pak Lah is not confirmed as the next PM yet why write to him? Stop writing any letter to this website until the next PM takes oath, we don't have to write anything to a caretaker PM who have no power. Its just another BN gimmick trying to woo the rakyat in seeking support and a new mandate. Boycott this website until election is over.

The new BN slogan is “Keselamatan, Keamanan, Kemakmuran” or 3K. What happened to “Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang”? Semuanya sudah hilang, sikit punya temberang.......

VOTE Barisan Rakyat and defeat BN once and for all.


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