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Feb 26, 2008

MCA plays dirty in postering

Can you spot the giant Rocket?


MCA played dirty by covering up our giant Rocket (some 30 feet tall) erected opposte its Pandamaran office. It’s an election offence under the elelction act.

In the presence of the enforcement team from SPR, the Pandamaran village head who happens to be an MCA leader reached an agreement with me that they would take down their flaglines covering the giant Rocket after we have taken down several flaglines covering Teh’s giant billboard at the Pandamaran B school. But he subsequently failed to honour the agreement after the intervention of Mr and Mrs Teh Kom Poo (my opponent in N 47 Pandamaran). Even the SPR and Police were upset with MCA leaders’ attitude.

We left at 2am, leaving the matter with the SPR enforcement team which has failed to enforce the election rules and regulations.

As a BERSIH leader, I challenged the SPR team to take action against the Barisan Nasional candidate to prove its integrity. But they have failed miserably. (What do you expect when SPR is still under the chairmanship of Tan Sri Rashid?)


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