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Feb 6, 2008


Maika, Telekom shares: Whose pocket?

Finally, our prime minister has said something ‘correct, correct, correct’ when he stated that the number of votes from Indians for the ruling party will likely drop in the coming polls amid increasing ethnic tensions in Malaysia.

After all these years of hypnotic remote control governance, he has finally heard some of the grievances of the community. That’s the funny thing about elections, it makes the politicians almost humane at times. Or maybe it's just those big ears our PM has which allowed him to hear the thousands of voices, even in his sleep.

Yes Mr PM, I'm Indian and I will NOT vote for the BN or any of your racist ‘keris-wielding’ leaders for I have had enough of your apartheid policies and corrupt leadership. Your desperate attempt at gaining popularity via empty promises only makes you look foolish and desperate.

Compared to you, Dr Mahathir Mohamad looks almost like Mahatma Gandhi. At least he didn't let his racist leaders and others run wild with weapons in their hands, asking for blood.

I read the BN-backed newspapers in the mornings and almost feel like I'm in another country. There is so much coverage on Indians and their plight nowadays. Your main mandor S Samy Vellu, after 30 years, is now desperately scrambling around and has actually come up with a seven-point plan to raise the standard of living for the Indians in Malaysia.

However, he conveniently omitted the most important point and that is his resignation from MIC and the withdrawal of MIC from the BN. What happened to the RM100 million collected for Maika? Whose pocket did that go into? What happened to the Telekom shares? Whose pocket? It goes on.

For as long as Samy Vellu remains in MIC, any equity allocated for the Indians will be siphoned off by him and his cronies. Secondly, as long as MIC remains a component of the BN where Umno rules the roost, the Indians will only get crumbs during election times.

Samy Vellu, read my lips, ‘No one wants you around.’
Pak Lah, tell Samy Vellu to step down

I have read Malaysiakini reports regarding the Indian community after the Hindraf rally on Nov 25. Well, I would like to inform you that all the blame should be pointed to one individual.

I would like to state here that the majority of the Indian community are disgusted with the leadership of MIC president S Samy Vellu because despite not doing much for the Indian community during his 29-year tenure, he still insisted that he remain the supreme leader for the Indian community. He said he ‘needed more time’ to uplift the Indian community’s status.

I think Samy Vellu has no self-dignity to make such remarks. The marginalisation of the Indian community would have not occurred if Samy Vellu had placed the Indian community above himself and honesty, service and sacrifice above greed.

The dilemma facing the Indian community will continue as long as it is led by Samy Vellu, because the Indian community’s trust in him is a total failure.

Maika Holdings wiped out millions of dollars – the hard-earned savings of thousands of poor Indians. Investors were left clinging to the valueless Maika shares, their dreams and aspirations destroyed forever. But Samy Vellu planned to sell the Maika shares, worth RM127 million, to a bumiputera company overnight. Luckily, a court order was filed to stop the sale of the shares.

Samy Vellu's asserts that the three percent equity for the Indians had been on the national agenda for a long time. But nothing had been implemented for the community, and the failure to reach that equity level lies wholly with him because he failed to demand it from the government.

On the Tamil school issue, Samy Vellu failed to provide Tamil schools with the same (or equal) facilities granted to other (Malay and Chinese) schools. Facilities at most Tamil schools are very poor and the conditions are very pathetic.

Despite this, he arrogantly stated that he had already spoken to the government to allocate funds for Tamil schools. On Hindu temples, Samy Vellu boldly stated that these temples were in the way of development and had to be demolished. We accept his remarks but no alternative land was allocated and gazetted as Hindu temple reserve land and no funds were granted for the relocation

Samy Vellu claims that the temples demolished were re-sited, but he cannot furnish any documented proof of land or funds granted for these re-sited temples. This is so because the temples that were demolished were not to be rebuilt. He can't cheat the Indian community anymore. Enough is enough.

Samy Vellu has failed miserably in all capacities – he never has had and never will have the ability to restore the Indian community’s dignity in Malaysia.

So, on behalf of Indians, we want the honourable prime minister to ask Samy Vellu to step down and make way for another Indian leader who can work toward the betterment of the Indian community in Malaysia - now and for future generations.


Anonymous said...

You have a very nice blog here and love your post. Keep it up! We need more bloggers like you spreading the truth!

Who are you with anyway? PKR or PAS?

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