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Feb 6, 2008

Khir Toyo's lying through his nose


Selangor 'menteri besar' Khir Toyo said in Utusan Malaysia that he did not have facial surgery. He said he changed his diet and started to eat 'tempe' and more rice so that is why his face has changed for the better.

Eating rice and 'tempe' can affect a person's over all appearance, but by just a little.The colour of his face definitely cannot change to be fairer and glowing.

Worse, physical changes to the face can never happen such as the increase of the size of his nose and the widening of his eyes.

All this suggests that he must have had a surgery to widen his eyes, a procedure that is so common amongst many Chinese here and elsewhere who did not want to look sleepy with small eyes that can be done very quickly.

We all know Khir wore glasses whose frame was hung on the lower part of his small nose since there is no bridge to hold it.

This also suggests that he must have Lasik surgeries to correct his vision that costs RM3,500 per eye or RM7,000 for both eyes.

And he must also have another surgery to make his nose bigger.

Here is a photo of Khir Toyo's new profile showing his new nose. It is new. And one can easily compare it with his old nose.

He cannot go on pretending that he did not have surgeries to make his nose become bigger. There must be some silicon or plastic on the bridge of his old and small nose.

If he dares to prove that he did not have such a procedure why can't he show the X-rays of his nose now and another one taken few years earlier when his nose was indeed very small.

For a Muslim changing a person's face by inserting a foreign object is 'HARAM'. It is the same for BOTOX which is also 'haram'.

And for that matter, even his wife, too, must have the similar procedure since her nose now is also very big - too big for a Malay woman who normally do not have a big bridge on her nose.




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