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Feb 3, 2008

IGP on defensive in Sharlinie's search


Much as I suspect the recent government beat up about deploying zillions of soldiers and an armada of helicopters to search for missing five-year-old Sharlinie Mohd Nashar was politically driven, as a PR/damage control exercise to show the rakyat that the UMNO-led government cares, I too pray the search would be successful.

As if to support my cynical take of the government’s belated massive hunt, the Petaling Jaya Puteri Umno also participated in the search for Sharlinie. The grossly ambitious chief of Puteri Umno is Noraini Ahmad – remember her? At the last Umno general assembly she resurrected the Namawee episode long after it was dead and already forgotten merely to score a heroic ethnic point, by declaring that Puteri UMNO won’t accept the Namewee’s apology.

Her archaeological attempt to dig up dead issues as an ethnic fishing trip caught many by surprise so much so that they expelled a rather startled 'Huh?'.

I blogged on that in Malay 'sacrifice', Chinese 'sacrifice'.

Now she has launched the Searching for Sharlinie Road Trip at Lake Titiwangsa. The aim is to hand out 20,000 posters at various stops from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca.

OK, maybe it’s not a bad thing for poor wee Sharlinie, but I am sceptical of Umno’s recent interest in a missing girl when its record hasn’t shown that sort of dedicated attentiveness to missing little girls.

But the pits was when our world renown IGP excused his police force’s lack of success in locating Sharlinie after the massive search, by blaming the parents. He went into defensive mode when parties began questioning the police effectiveness, especially in real police work that are unrelated to corruption or ‘crowd control’.

When someone raised the disappearance of another child going in the same area as Sharlinie a day before she (Sharlinie) went missing, he said defensively but insensitively that if parents had taken care of their children in the first place, it would not have happened.

Ain’t that a f*-wonderful motherhood statement, but how the f* is that going to bring back Sharlinie and the other girl?

Then he mumbled: “We have received a lot of information but none of it is accurate. If there is any hope of finding her, accurate information must be given.”

Wonderful illuminating police information, ain't it! In other words, according to the amazing IGP, as the police had received 'inaccurate' information, Sharlinie's parents might as well give up hope of the police ever finding her.

Please read my earlier post Crime solved, no thanks to police to learn that we cannot depend on the police to do much for the rakyat, especially under the current IGP.

Then I had blogged on how Saidin Rashid and his brother, on their own initiative and investigation, no f*-thanks to the police, traced Saidin’s missing (kidnapped) daughter all the way to a remote village in Sulawesi, Indonesia, after police had done f*-all.

I commented: 'Aha, our intrepid men in blue have been so busy buggering legitimate protestors and harassing opposition politicians and their followers, that they had to leave the solving of the kidnapping to a couple of amateurs, who did it out of family love!'

'If not for the drive and strength of their family love and their initiative, and the matter left to the incompetent police, Maslina would today be the child bride if not sex slave of an Indonesian man somewhere in the middle of nowhere.'


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