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Feb 15, 2008

We have had enough!


We know the battle for independance was difficult and long and treacherous but no matter what obstacle that lay ahead an impossible battle was faught and won. 50 years down the road, what was a part of the great British empire, is now Malaysia.

For 50 years, we were dominated by Barisan Nasional and for 50 years we saw growth. Growth not by capability but growth by force as the world economy grows and by being who we are and where we are, we grow along.

At what rate have we grown and in comparison with younger countries, have we achieved a milestone? No.

  • Are we are as competitive as our neighbouring countries? No.
  • Are we as safe as our neighbouring countries? No.
  • Do we have an education system that makes us employable globally? No.
  • Do we have a health system that enables the young and old, the far and near to get a hint of what medical benefits is? No.
  • Do we have a government that is transparent, open, clean and fair? NO.

We have been told long enough that saying out loud what we have in mind is wrong. We have been told many times opposing the ruling government is against the law, the law of Barisan Nasional. We have been told to accept what is given to us or leave the country.


We are here again at the crossroad of lies, false hopes and election promises. Years after years we have been waiting for a change and this is what it is about now. Change. We.want.a.change!

It was written in the Federal Constitutions our rights as Malaysians. It has been taken away long enough. The ultimate right as a citizen of a country is now served to you on a silver plater. Take it and make a change!

  • Vote against corrupted politicians.
  • Vote against incapable leaders.
  • Vote against low quality education.
  • Vote against inaccesible medical services.
  • Vote against wasted public funds.
  • Vote against media control.
  • Vote against racialsm.
  • Vote against Barisan Nasional.


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