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Feb 15, 2008

Badawi says ” Why should I attend ” ?


Roses will be the symbolic medium used to appeal for Abdullah to heed the demands. Two letters have been submitted to the prime minister’s office last month, inviting the premier to receive the roses.

Abdullah however have denied receiving any invitations and said that he will not attend any Hindraf event.

“What for? Why should I attend any Hindraf event?” he said when asked by a reporter at a press conference held after chairing Umno’s Supreme Council meeting on election preparations yesterday.

Commenting on this, Manickavsagam said that even though Abdullah cannot attend, he should send a representative to receive the roses. In the meantime, Manickavasagam said that they are expecting that the police to obtain a restriction order to prevent them from gathering and also to give the police rights to arrest participants.

“We expect arrests tomorrow but we are prepared. As far as we are concerned, arresting us in front of the children will only tarnish their reputation nationally, and internationally,” he commented.

Apart from the 18-point demands, Hindraf is also seeking the release of its leaders and legal advisers who have been detained under the Internal Security Act since Dec 13 last year. Among them are Waythamoorthy’s brother, Uthayakumar.

by Malaysiakini


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