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Mar 10, 2008


(ada masalah memasuki laman blog Malaysia today, so ... wak ambil sikit dari artikel terbaru Raja Petra)

The aftermath of the 'bloodbath'

Now, with regards to my 'position' in the government. No, no and no! I do not wish to hold any position in the government. I know some of you have threatened to 'protest' in front of the party headquarters if I am not offered at least a Senator's post. Hey, I do not want to be a Senator or Wakil Rakyat or anything at all for that matter. I just want to continue being plain Raja Petra Kamarudin, Editor and Webmaster of Malaysia Today -- so please drop all this talk of me 'holding a position in the government'.

Bla bla bla ......

Now, with regards to the talk floating around that Tok Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang has announced that Kedah is going to introduce Hudud laws; this is not true. Tok Guru confirmed he never made such an announcement. The trouble is, many of you wear these 'boycott the mainstream media' T-shirts yet you still read and believe what the mainstream media spins. Would you become terrible offended if I shout 'Bodoh punya orang!'? I really don't know what else to shout under these circumstances.

Bla bla bla .....

If you think that winning these five states and denying Barisan Nasional its two-thirds majority in Parliament was difficult, then you do not know what difficult is. Winning five states and denying Barisan Nasional its two-thirds majority in Parliament was the easy part. The difficult part is going to be in maintaining the confidence and support of the voters. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi won 92% of the seats in 2004 based on promises and four years later got massacred when he did not deliver. The same thing can and will happen to the opposition as well come the 13th General Election if it does not perform and/or deliver its election promise.

Malaysia Today is watching. And we shall whack the daylights out of anyone and everyone who misbehaves or forgets his or her promise. The opposition won the five states and 82 seats in Parliament with the support of Malays, Chinese and Indians. It needed all the races to cross the finishing line. Just two races would not have achieved that. One race would have been even more impossible.

So remember who put you where you are today. Remember who gave you your job. The rakyat can hire and the rakyat can fire. We, the rakyat, made you and we, the rakyat, can break you. Just remember that and with God as our witness we shall not fail to do that if you fail to do what you promised to do.

No2umnO - Aku ingat aku sorang je yang bagi amaran ... Raja Petra pun sama. Ingat tu semua bakal pemimpin? Blogger tulen tak boleh berpihak mana mana .... kalau salah guna kuasa ..... kitorang hantam lu !!!


prachai said...

betul tu ... sekarang rakyat sudah semacam sebatang rotan. Siapa siapa wakil rakyat yang nakal dan tidak membuat kerja rumah akan menerima sebatan kami di cyberspace dengan diketuai hulubalang cyberspace kami iaitu Raja Petra dan rakan rakannya.

Hidup Rakyat!!

Anonymous said...

Betul tu. Aku semalam dah bagi peringatan kat MP PAS yang menang.
Orang pangkah koa sebab nak suruh
koa buat kerja.
Bukan nak suruh duduk saja.!

Kalau kao buat tak betul ,makan rasuah ,aku akan datang betulkan koa sendiri.

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