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Mar 10, 2008

What DID Mukhriz say


Hj Wan Mohd Yusoff to xlln

I saw the buletin utama on tv3 at 8pm which was translated contrary to this report.

the newsreader said mukhriz expressed that he was confident in the leadership of paklah, and then the video showed mukhriz in a round about way was saying " i am confident that the leadership will know the right thing to do as a result of this poor performance......and we are responsible too for this poor result..."

i was thinking this poor boy should have attended the toastmasters club meeting, then he would have said something like this -

"if a company suffered a lost, the board may keep the ceo hoping that he might turn it around later, but most board would choose to fire the ceo and appoint a new one as it would have been justified and perfectly acceptable to everybody.

in this light, i feel that the continuity of umno and the integrity of all the components of bn is even more significant than that of a company and due to this despite my deepseated fondness of paklah as a person, i and my friends knowing fully well that we are taking a risk of being subject to his wrath,

nevertheless urge on his better judgement to step down and make way for his deputy to assume immediate leadership for the sake of umno, the malays, bn, the chinese and the indians and the country that he loves.

such move would have nursed some of the wounds that had affected all the three main races and project the genuine sincerity of umno to really change for the better so that in five years time the people are able to comeback and vote for the new bn..........."



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