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Mar 10, 2008

“Pak Lah Resign” Protest at Istana Negara


I am against this peaceful demonstration although peaceful assembly is a democratic freedom


1. Too soon after shocking elections. Emotions are high on both sides.

2. UMNO can get rid of Pak Lah in the upcoming party election.

3. Our protest won’t really matter as it will be UMNO delegates (read: warlords) that have the most say. I wonder if Perlis MB Shahidan is pissed off ‘cos they tried to drop him till his supporters protested, including by tendering their resignations and shutting down operations centre. BN retained the state with only one seat falling to the Opposition. I read in Harakah that Shahidan has already made some noise about Pak Lah’s failure.

4. I believe UMNO has already told Pak Lah to go. Can you believe former Selangor MB Khir Toyo (of new baby skin) lost Selangor? And KEDAH fell to the Opposition? Pak Lah’s home state? That’s a big message, if only Mr “Big Ears” can hear it.

5. Give Mr Slow-Mo some time to understand the reverberating voice of the rakyat spoken through the polls.

6. Already protested-lah via the vote. Now time for UMNO to take over-lah. Letih-lah (Tired-lah).

6. It’s important that the people see that the Opposition can keep the peace.


Anonymous said...

Biarkan Pak Lah sebagai Presiden UMNO, ini akan beri peluang Barisan Rakyat memerintah di PRU 13 datang... hidup rakyat

Bro G said...

Yer arrr, toksah laa pi demo kat istana tu...buat letih jer kene pemedih mata...

Betul kata Anonymous tu, biar paklah kat situ....sampai Anwar dah bersedia dan layak amik aleh pemerintahan Malaysia.
Depa sama sama orang Penang
...pandai laa depa runding nanti.

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