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Mar 10, 2008

Is Mukhriz all for Abdullah?


Spin it again, Kali (Why the MSM is no longer relevant in this country). Rabid Umno supporter, Big Dog, wrote in his latest posting of how Mukhriz Mahathir had asked Pak Lah to get the message the people have sent last Saturday. [Last Saturday was the day the people went to the polls and gave 5 states to Pas, DAP and PKR. The people also used the ballot to deny the Barisan Nasional a two-thirds majority].

Bernama's headline is, "Mukhriz says he's all for Abdullah" and a Government-owned TV station reported on its prime time news that "Mukhriz has confidence in Pak Lah".
I happened to be watching the news and I nearly fell off my chair. The MP for Jerlun did say he has confidence in Pak, but not the way the news reader put it.

Mukhriz's actual quotes:
"I have confidence that the Prime Minister will do the right thing".

Two different kinds of confidence, really.

No wonder this blogger concludes that The Mainstream Media is no Longer Relevant in this Country.


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