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Mar 11, 2008

Hang on, KJ!


It was a complete reversal of result at Rembau the other night.

From a majority of 141 votes, PKR candidate for the Rembau parliament constituency Badrul Hisham Shaharin turned from a winner to the losing end when his opponent Khairy Jamaluddin won by a staggering difference of 5,000 votes!

Now, Badrul, who is famously known as Che Gu, claimed that there were irregularities in the vote counting procedure as the Election Commission (EC) did not issue the ‘Form 14′ when it was compulsory to do so.

‘Form 14′ contains the number of total voters for a particular polling station and once the vote counting has been finalized, the form will be the official indicator of the number of votes designated for each candidate, otherwise the results could not be considered as an official one but most importantly, it gave way for manipulation as the number of votes may be added in favour of a particular candidate.

Hence, he considers issuing a petition to challenge the results and call for a re-election, in which the void of ‘Form 14′ is said to be good enough to nullify the Rembau election results.


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