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Mar 11, 2008

Now, NST spin Westward!


Before the general election the NST was spinning news by interviewing Malaysians which shows the great number of people who wanted the BN to continue to rule and how everyone was so supportive of the BN.

Today, NST headlined: "It's a wake-up call to representatives."

and it showcased 8 persons' comments:

"We are witnessing the dawn of a new era. The rakyat have made it clear that they demand accountability from their elected representatives," said Nachiappan.

"I feel the results signify a change for the better," Rina Leong said.

"I personally think it is a wake-up call to the coalition," said Nurilyana Mukhtar.

"I am happy and was caught by surprise at the same time by the election results," said Suria Aziz.

"Personally, I think the results were expected," said Leslie Phillips.

"I am glad for the change..," M. Vellu.

"As a president of an NGO I hope the new government will continue to support our cause and make the rakyat its number one priority," Mohd Yunus Pathi, Pengasih President said.

Why didn't the NST and Star publish such comments before the election?

Mahathir was right when he pointed out this:

“The problem is we have become so arrogant. We suppress any opinion that we do not like and they begin to believe in their own reports which are not actually consistent with what is happening in the country,” Mahathir said.


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