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May 27, 2008

Don't abuse freedom of speech, says PM

malaysianinsider - [...] "The media, as we all know and accept, is central to nation-building – how it is conceived, promoted and finally accomplished. It is also central to good governance."

The prime minister said the fundamental consideration was of course that "we have a media that is not only free but that is responsible as well."

Abdullah said: "We also desire that media does not undermine racial and religious harmony to the extent where national security and public order become threatened. This is not always easy when we have media that cater to different ethnic constituencies with their special religious sensitivities."

Abdullah said different societies could hold to different values based on their dominant culture and historical experience, and "it may be all right, indeed it may be a matter of principle, for some nations with a secular tradition to be able to caricature the prophets of God.

"But not here. We should not be shy of our cultural norms nor be abashed of our voluntary self-censorship in respect of them. It is not a moral or media sin to respect prophets," he said.... selanjutnya.


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