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Jun 10, 2008


apanama2020 - Now, it's finally his turn!

The great Kalimullah Maseerul Hasan has been 'sacked' from NSTP (M) Bhd by none other than the Flipping Flopper PM himself.

The PM or more accurately his advisers ( including an influential guy from Bernama) is said to have TOLD Mr.Kali to vacate all his positions in NSTP as soon as possible as 'KALI HAS BECOME A LIABILITY TO THE PRIME MINISTER'.

A BIGBIRD from Berita Nasional Malaysia told me last night that he expects one his bosses to be alleviated
as the PM's 'unofficial but seen to be official' Media Adviser position.

Kali, it was mentioned, is very unhappy with the PM's decision and is said to be buying time while attempting to persuade the 'Flippin Flopper' to change his decision.

(Kali knows all too well that the guy is famous for just that)

The same bird said NSTP's Hishamuddin Aun has also been / will be asked to pack his bags, and that the Group Editor In Chief post in the media group is to be filled by Syed Nazri.... selanjutnya.


Anonymous said...

nama sedap ... tapi tonggang air kecing setan

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