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Jun 10, 2008

Dr M stokes fire of anger against Pak Lah

malaysianinsider - [...] Today, it was Dr Mahathir’s turn to stoke the fire of anger against Abdullah. Posting on his blog, he accused Abdullah of colluding with Singapore and scuttling the plan to build a crooked bridge to the republic.

He said that the work on the bridge was stopped so “that Dato Seri Abdullah’s Government could offer to sell 1 billion cubic metres of sand, and overflight rights for Singapore military aircraft over Johor Baru if Singapore agreed to a straight bridge.’’

“Someone stood to make a lot of money selling 50 million cubic metres of sand per year for 20 years to Singapore for land reclamation. This was a very attractive offer as the reclaimed land can sell for 3,000-5,000 Singapore dollars (about RM6,000-RM10,000) per square metre. The Singapore Government stood to make an enormous amount of money selling this land. They therefore agreed to the straight bridge.”

That dredging sand from the seabed would cause erosion of the coast, destruction of fish breeding grounds and deprive Johor fishermen of their livelihood were not of concern to the Government of Dato Seri Abdullah.... selanjutnya.


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